February 2020

19.02.2020 - BW Education School Leaders Conclave

Panel Discussion on - Reimagining Pedagogy in Indian Schools





Staff Annual Outing on 15.02.2020

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Fitness Week 

Class V on 10.02.2020 Click to view pictures

Preps on 7.02.2020 Click to view pictures

Classes III and IV on 6.02.2020 Click to view pictures

Classes I and II  on 5.02.2020 Click to view pictures

Classes VI to VIII on 4.02.2020 Click to view pictures


Class XII Farewell 2019-20

January 2020

Language Day - 31.01.2020

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75th International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Class XI students of Bloom Public School attended the 75th International Holocaust Remembrance Day at Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate.  The gathering was addressed by Jean-François Ramon, Director, Alliance Française, followed by a screening of a documentary named The Accountant of Auschwitz. It showcased the gruesome atrocities faced by the Jews in Nazi Germany and the trials faced by war criminals. Further, a Q&A session with diplomats and representatives from the UN was conducted. Through this event, UN tried to inculcate in the students the importance of taking a stand against fascism and maintaining peace, harmony and global cooperation.

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Ms Sanah Batta successfully completed a workshop on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 at the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development





International Education Day - 24th January 2020

To celebrate National Education Day, the school organised a Global skills workshop for students of class VIII, IX and X. The workshop was conducted by Ms Sanjana Seth. Ms Seth, dealt with thinking, learning and analysing skills. It had the students spellbound with techniques of how to remember information given, using 'Memory Palace'. Students found the activity based on its original, thought-provoking and gripping. Two Videos were shown to introduce the students to a technique, as to how to figure out the correct answer in MCQs without looking at the question. A questionnaire was given to each student with MCQs, which had them captivated. Overall the workshop was buzzworthy.

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February 2019

CPR workshop for teachers

CPR workshop for teachers held on 2nd February 2019, by Dr. Hemant Tiwari Director - Pulmonology Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Holy Angel's Hospital

January 2019

Pariksha Pe Charcha organised in school auditorium on 29th January 2019

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Visit of Mr. RCM Reddy Managing Director & CEO of IL&FS Education & Technology Servces Limited on 24th January 2019

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October 2018

SPIC MACAY Programme on 30th October 2018
Artistes  Pandit Kushal Das on Sitar and Pandit Ram Kumar Misra on Tabla

Toyota Safety Education Programme 2018-19 

Bloom Public School has initiated The Toyota Safety Education Programme (TSEP) which is an interactive learning programme on road safety, to equip students with the knowledge and awareness required to keep them as safe as possible on the roads.

This programme for our school children is aimed at imparting training in road safety awareness, emergency preparedness & response to the students in an age-appropriate way, using the graded model of learning. The objective of the programme is to empower the students with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude to help shape them into responsible road users.
The programme will provide:
  • A platform for the school to interact with a community of schools who share the same agenda of promoting road safety in the country 
  • Opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnerships like the traffic police, UN agencies, road safety organizations, etc. 
  • Opportunity to the students to participate in the State Level and the National Level closing event to be held in Delhi, ensuring recognition of the school at the State and National level as a safe road school. 

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September 2018

Celebrated SWACHCHTA PAKHWADA September 1st to 15th


August 2018
Disaster Management Training Programme for Class VI - XII 
Students and Teachers on 9th August 2018 Glimpse

July 2018

Work Shop on 18th July 2018
Workshop was conducted by the students of IIT Delhi. These students are members of IGEM (International Genetically engineered Machine) club. Students of Classes X, XI Band XII Bio attended the workshop. They got hands on experience working with the DNA and E.coli bacteria.
It was a very informative, interesting and interactive session.

May 2018
Work Shop oh 26th May 2018
Art workshop attended by teachers in fortis hospital on 26th May 2018

Work Shop on 15th May 2018
Career Counselling workshop by 
Mr Anubhav Rakheja for Class XI and XII Humanities and Commerce Stream

April 2018

Surprise Mock Drill Conducted On 10th April 2018

CHAIRED BY: Dr. Rakesh Minhas (IAS) SDM, Vasant Vihar

SUPPORTED BY: Mr. Vinod Bhardwaj ADDL CW, CD

PARTICIPANTS: Staff And Students Of Bloom Public School

  1. A surprise mock drill was conducted on 10/4/18 in the school premises.
  2. Mr Vinod Bhardwaj visited the school and conducted a survey of the school premises. The Incharges were given instructions on how to conduct the drill for the Pre-primary and Primary classes.
  3. The drill was conducted at 10:30 am after a meeting was held with the officials and the Principal along with the School safety team.
  4. The evacuation exercise was conducted.
  5. Disaster responsiveness was checked by calling up 100, 101, 102 and 1077 informing them about the Mock drill.
  6. The response was adequate and all concerned were in school within 5 minutes of the drill.
  7. Both the officials addressed the students and gave them Safety tips to safeguard themselves against manmade and natural disasters.

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December 2017

SPIC MACAY Performance on 7th December 2017
Artistes - 
Josh Feinberg on Sitar
                 Shubh Maharaj on Tabla

September 2017

Assembly - One Act Play by classes V to VII on 8th September 2017
The theme of the assembly was" One act play." Students explained what one act play is and also spoke about its interesting features which make it popular. One act play competition was held in std. Vth , VIth and VIIth and was judged by the event managers from 5B along with the class teachers. Certificates were awarded for 1st and 2nd position and 1st position holders also put up their play during the assembly. It was conducted on 8th September in the auditorium.
The winners were as follows:

1st position goes to Ruhaan, Akshat, kartik and Shiven of VA
2nd position goes to tanushri, Khuski, Vidushi  Shreya of  VC
Std. VI
 1st position goes to Sanaj Singh, Rou, Adwait, Vidisha  of VIA
 2nd position goes to Saagar, P.V.rama, Saketh, Gurdyal   of VIA
1st position goes to Aryaman, Mohd.Faiz, Shaurya, ,Mohd,Irfan of  VIIC

August 2017

Science Day on 17th and 18th August 2017

Science day was conducted for primary students ( Std. III to V ) on 17th and 18th August in the school premises. The aim of the science day was to provide a platform for building scientific aptitude in students, awaken their scientific minds and to spread awareness of importance of science application in our daily life.  It gave an opportunity to students to showcase their talent by performing  various activities related to science. Click to view pictures

Students were divided into 4 categories:

(1) Garden Science

(2) Spices and their benefits   

(3) On hand experiments

(4) ”Tell me Why” – Questions related to science

(5) Depicting science models using craft and clay

It was a great learning experience for students, teachers and parents alike. The festive atmosphere and excitement of the children attested to the success of our small endeavour.

July 2017

Assembly class VIth B on 28th July 2017
All the aspects of the assembly like planning, organising, judging for the competitions and conducting was carried out entirely by the students of class 6B.

  1. Introduction by Aditya Tandon
  2. Prayer by the whole class
  3. Thought for the Day by Akanksa and Daiwik
  4. Topic by Ishaan and Shlok

 Advertisements today have deeply penetrated our lives. from the first hour in the morning when we open the daily newspaper to the ride in the bus/car ads appear in every song break. to even perhaps our phones. advertisements definitely affects our desire and lifestyle. be aware of your customer rights and make sure you don't fall prey to misleading claims.

5.Skit by Uday, Mansher, Paramdeep and Arnav – The skit was about how advertisements spread awareness, how products their commodities solves the life problems and how in end users can benefit through those commodities.
6.Enactment by 1st prize winners
7.Prize Distribution by the student judges


Assembly class VIth A on 20th July 2017
The theme of the assembly was “Resplendent Chords.” Children spoke about the art of reciting a poem. They also highlighted the difference between reading and reciting. A recitation competition was held on 20th July 2017 for classes III to V.  Students of VI-A judged the competition along with the respective subject teachers. Certificates were given to the students securing the first, second and third position. First position holders, recited their poems on the stage.
Certificates to the SOF zonal winners were also given.

May 2017

Clay Modelling Intraschool Competition 

All forms of art are important for children to experience, yet it does seem that the long-lasting nature of the children’s finished clay piece adds a special value for them. Simply the act of molding clay in one's hands whether you're a child or an adult can be very calming and therapeutic. Clay is a unique art medium because it is highly responsive to touch and gives the students the confidence to attempt any project which opens the door to greater self-expression and imagination. Read More

April 2017


An interschool Clay modeling competition was organized in the school on 26 th  April 2017. A number of schools participated in the same with great enthusiasm and zeal. Each school team comprised of five students and they had to create models/projects as a group activity. The teams were given the topics on the spot and a time span of  two   hours. The teams created some amazing pieces with their imagination and showcased their creativity. The   judgement  was  given  on the basis of  creativity, shape/form  ,understanding of the theme and proportion. The competition had an aura of its own as each child was happy and delighted playing and creating with clay!


  • BLOOM PUBLIC SCHOOL being the host school  got  only the participation certificates.

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Science School Lab Day on 26th April 2017

"Science Sc'ool lab day" was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Wednesday 26th April 2017 in the school.Children of class 6-8 performed various experiments  in the three school labs like multiple reflection,solar cars, electricity generation on a busy road,laser security system etc with a lot of excitement. They explained various experiments to the parents, made them understand various concepts taken up by them in the form of working models and tests. It was a great learning experience. Students were able to showcase their knowledge n confidence. Click to view pictures

March 2017

A workshop - Financial Literacy on 28th March 2017 – Feedback by Student Sriharsh Raj of XII A

A workshop was organised for class XII on 28th March 2017 based on financial literacy conducted by Mr. Vishan Dutt Kumar who is a retired Director General Manager of Bank of India with 38 years of experience enlightening us on the same. He told us about the functioning and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and also about the awareness the board is trying to raise about the financial world amongst investors, adults, and also teenagers of our age. He also informed us about Ponzi schemes and how we should avoid getting trapped by these schemes of non-existent enterprises. He then notified us about the differences between saving and investment and also told us about the different schemes and areas we should rather invest in at an early age. In the end he quoted a very famous line which was, “if we save money today it will save us tomorrow”.

The session was not only very educating but also very interactive and entertaining. We look forward to have more such workshops. Click to view pictures

February 2017

Trip to Sariska on 22nd and 23rd February 2017

The students of the space club visited the Astroport , located near the Sariska Tiger Reserve for the overnight sky observation session on 22nd and 23rd February 2017. Astroport is India’s first Astronomy theme based resort which has been developed to provide a great sky viewing and research experience to the budding astronomers, in a serene and lush environment away from the pollution. The site is well equipped for deep sky observation, study and photography. The students enjoyed the night sky viewing. They learnt about

- Sky reading through sky map

- Planets and their visibility in the sky

- Motion of the stars

- Observing constellations

- Rotation and revolution concepts

- Telescope and its handling

- Night sky photography with DSLR cameras.

Early in the morning the next day, the students went for the jungle safari which was a wonderful experience. Many animals, birds and crocodiles were sighted in the forest and the students were very excited to see them in the wild.

The trip was organised very well with utmost care taken of the quality of bus, stay, food and safety of students. Click to view pictures

The Sports Afternoon

On 17th February 2017 an Indian Sports afternoon was organized for the students of class I to V. The students after feasting on the lunch played various Indian games like Pithoo, Kho Kho, Poshampa, Stapu etc. and enjoyed the music played by the DJ. Click to view pictures

Road Safety activity for Std. IX ib 13th February 2017

Toyota and IL&FS conducted an activity for the std IX students on Road Safety today. Few students from Std IX were divided into groups and assigned various tasks. The students were first taught about Road safety. One of the groups addressed the school drivers and told them all about Road safety and the rules that need to be followed while driving. Another group spoke to the staff and told them about the rules to be followed. The third group made a poster on Road Safety. 

Sanskrit Day on 10th February 2017

The students of classes VI to X, with Sanskrit as their optional language, celebrated the Sanskrit Language Day on 10th February 2017.  The students put up various dances, songs, skits and other performances with great enthusiasm, showcasing our rich Indian culture and history. It was an effort taken by the students and teachers to enjoy learning of Sanskrit language and an opportunity to speak of our culture and traditions in Sanskrit. The show was appreciated by all parents present who thoroughly enjoyed the show. Click to view pictures

German Day on 9th February 2017

The students of Class VI to X studying German as their optional language celebrated the German Language Day on 9th February 2017. A spectacular show was put up by the students with the help of the teachers and parent Ms Anja Shivhare who helped script the show. We had Mr Jakob Sonntag from Goethe Institute , Max Mueller Bhavan, as a guest for the show. The students performed various skits, dances and songs in German which was truly splendid. Click to view pictures

French Day on 8th February 2017

The students of classes VI to X, who have French as their optional language, celebrated the French Language Day on 8th February 2017 with great Zeal and enthusiasm. The show was put together by the students with the help of their teachers to showcase their skill in speaking the language and understanding the French culture. The students put up various dances, songs , skits etc which spoke about the french culture, history and cuisine. The management, Staff, Students and Parents were all part of the show and enjoyed the spectacular performances put up by the students. Click to view pictures

Sally Ride EarthKAM on 7th February 2017

The workshop at Queen's valley School with 5 students from Std. VI. Students participated in the space programme Sally Ride EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students) project, a NASA sponsored programme. They first conducted a training teaching students the science behind clicking the pictures through ISS. The students then planned a target based on the orbits of ISS and taking into account the various tools like Google earth, accu weather etc., and photographed locations of their choice on Earth through the ISS. It was a very interesting workshop and the students were very excited and are enthusiastically waiting for the pictures clicked by ISS for them.


Toyota workshop held on 3rd February 2017

The Road Safety Program was organised by Toyota and IL&FS on 3rd February 2017 for the students of Std. VI to Std. IX. The program educated the students on road safety. The workshop was conducted with the objective of empowering students with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to shape them into responsible citizens who will take responsibility for their own behavior as road users and also remind others about safety rules to be followed. The students of Std. IX will now be talking to the school drivers and teachers on Road safety and rules to be followed.


Interactive session with NASA Scientists on 2nd February 2017 at Nehru Planetarium

15 students from Std. VIII and IX visited the Nehru planetarium today for an Interactive session with NASA Scientists Dr. Garima Singh and David Dubois.

Dr. Garima Singh is from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Pasadena, California, USA and she presented her work on Extra Solar Planets.

David Dubois from  LATMOS (Laboratoire Atmosphère, Milieux et Observations Spatiales), Paris, France spoke about the Giant Planets - the three moons of Jupiter.

It was a very interesting session and the students had a chance to interact with the scientists after their presentations. 


January 2017

'Healthy life style is a secret to healthy heart and life' Workshop for Std. VII on 31st January 2017

A very interesting and informative workshop was conducted by Dr Vikas Kohli and Child Heart Foundation for the students of Std VII today. Dr Kohli is a Neo Natal and Pediatric Cardiologist who has been associated with Apollo hospitals and Child Heart Foundation is an NGO which helps children from financially challenged families to fight Heart Disease. The entire focus and purpose of the workshop was to sensitize the students to work towards a healthy heart. The importance of adopting healthy diet and exercise regularly for a healthy heart and to live disease free as they grow up was explained to the students. Click to view pictures

Astronomy Day on 30th January 2017

The students of the space club showcased their leanings to the students of Std II to Std VIII. They organized various activities revolving around planets , meteors, etc and performed few experiments that they had learnt during the space club sessions. Click to view pictures

Anti-Tobacco Workshop on 27th January 2017

A workshop on Anti-tobacco was conducted for the students of Std. IX today. The effects of using tobacco were shown to the students and the various methods in which the students could help were explained to them. The students also wrote slogans against the use of tobacco.


Jaipur Trip from 23rd Jan. to 25th Jan. 2017

The students from Class V to Class IX visited Jaipur from 23rd to 25th January. The purpose of this visit was to give the students a indepth exposure to the Rajput Culture , history and architecture.

On Day 1 the students visited Hawa Mahal or the 'Palace of winds' is one of the most famous tourist attractions and a prominent landmark of the city that is renowned for its rich cultural and architectural history. The students then spent time at the Bapu Market buying some souvenirs to take back home.

On Day 2 the students visited Jantar Mantar which incorporates multiple buildings of unique forms , each with a specialized function for astronomical measurement. Here the students were taught how to measure time based on the sun's direction, the time of the year, the season etc The students then proceeded to Albert Musem which is the oldest musem of the state and functions as the state musem of Rajasthan. The students went through the display of collection of artifacts, including paintings, carpets, sculptures and works in crystals. The students visited Jal Mahal which is one of the magnificent architectural wonders of Jaipur.This palace reflects the perfect blend of Mughal and Rajputana craftsmanship. The next place of visit was the Amer Fortwhich is the most famous forts of Rajasthan The students here studied the architecture and also visited the magnificent Sheesh Mahal. They also watched the light and sound show at the fort.

On Day 3 the students visited the Elephant Recreation Centre to understand about Indian and African elephants . Here they watched some folk dance and had an opportunity to ride an elephant , feed them and paint on them.

Road Road Safety Program by BMW and IL&FS 17th and 18th January 2017

The three Day program on Road Safety conducted by BMW and IL&FS was held in the school premises from 16th January 2017 to 18th January 2017. This program was organised for the students of Std II to Std V. It was a two hour long program which was divided into two sessions. First was an indoor session where the students through activities and presentations learnt about the safe road behavior, traffic rules, traffic signs and emergency situation responses.The second session of the program was designed in a way which helped the student understand safe road behaviour in an actual simulated setting.A simulation track was created for the students inside the school and they were made to drive BMW toy cars on an actual track replicating a live traffic scene with red lights, speed breakers, sign boards, hospitals, school, shopping malls etc. Click to view pictures

December 2016

Professional Development Programme for Teachers on 26th December 2016. Click to view pictures

The Space Club Session on 23rd December 2016

The space club session was held on 23rd December 2016 for registered students. The students learnt about the Day time star - The sun and its features, space weather, impact of Solar radiation on Earth and the methods to observe the Sun safely. Students constructed a solar filter and made some Solar observations through a Telescope using projection , solar filter, Solar View Goggles, Ball projector & Pin hole Projector.


CMP session on 5th December 2016

The CMP final inter school championship was held today in Ambience school , SDA, New Delhi. There were 25 schools from all over Delhi NCR partipating. Madhavan the school champion made a working model on Renewable source of Energy. His model showed ways in which pollution can be controlled, water can be purified and reused and the ways wind can be harnessed for production of electricity. Click to view pictures

Annual Day on 2nd and 3rd December 2016

One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its Annual Day. Its a Day to celebrate and remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead. With great excitement and enthusiasm the students of nursery to standard VIII gathered in the school on the evening of 2nd and 3rd December 2016 to celebrate the Annual Day . The Principal’s annual report and projection of annual album was followed by a speech from the School Captains, who thanked the teachers for their affectionate guidance and teaching, provided by them. The evening was made more colorful with cultural programmes where students gave impeccable performances through multiple dance forms , songs and stand up comedy shows.There were four theme based shows .

Vegetales -  The first show for Prep I and II had the theme of Vegetales . Here the students put up a show on healthy eating and the right food to eat and food to avoid.

Friendship- In this show  classes I and II showcased the friendship between different components of nature like friendship between man and tree or animal etc. The show described how the friendship between different components helped man to live in harmony. 

Dreams - The theme of Dreams was showcased by class III, IV and V. Through the dances , songs and skits the students presented 'follow your dreams they know the way

Millenium Goals: The students of Class VI , VII and VIII put up a spectacular show on three of the millenium goals - Save Water, Grow Trees and Promote gender equality and empower women.

We had students of Class IX, X and XI also put up performances for the Audience. The school band added spice and vitality to the show during the intermission.
The function ended after a long fun filled evening with everyone seeing the hard work the students had put in during the rehearsals reaching its culmination.

November 2016

The 'He for She' workshop

The 'He for She' workshop was held for class VII today by Schneider Electric India and Sharp NGO. The workshop aimed at sensitizing students towards Gender Equality. There were impromptu role plays and activities organized and the students participated with full enthusiasm. Click to view pictures

The Conserve My Planet School Championship on 17th November 2016

The Conserve My Planet School Championship was held on 17th November 2016 in the school premises. Mr. Mayank Rajvanshi from Schneider Electric India was present to judge the event. Madhavan Kannan from Std. V B became the school champion and he will now represent the school in the city level Conserve My Planet Championship to be held on 5th December 2016Click to view pictures

Space Club Session - Super Moon of 14th November 2016

The afternoon session for registered students of space club was organized on 16th November 2016 in the school premises. The students discussed the super moon of 14th November 2016. During this session the students were taught the difference between reference and cardinal directions and the importance of different methods to locate cardinal directions, to use the gnomon and sun to mark cardinal directions, calculating circumference of the earth and understanding how scientific pursuits can be done by simple experimentation. Click to view pictures

October 2016

Inter - House Quiz Competition Std. V

The Inter house quiz competition for Std. V was conducted on 28th October 2016. We saw a very interactive and enthusiastic participation by the students. Blue house emerged as winners.

Teri Visit

30 students from Std XI visited Teri University and had an interaction with the students there on Climate Change and Renewable energy. Dr Kamana a faculty member at Teri and students from Teri had an interactive and very informative session with our students. Click to view pictures

Space Club 26th October 2016

The space club session for Astrophotography was held on 26th October 2016. The students learnt the difference between various kinds of cameras and the features of DSLR cameras. They were also given DSLR camera during the session and the students clicked many photographs. They were also taught about how to create ghost photographs. Click to view pictures

Pushpanjali Petrol Pump on Nelson Mandela Road

Selected students of Std V visited the Pushpanjali Petrol Pump on Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, on 25th October 2016. They interviewed customers coming to the petrol pump and told them various methods to save fuel. This was organized as part of the Conserve My Planet project in association with Schneider Electric India and Sharp NGO. Click to view pictures

Inter - House Quiz Competition Std. IV

A inter house quiz competition was organized on 21st October 2016 for the students of Class IV. The students participated with lot of excitement. Green house emerged as the winners. Click to view pictures

Food and Nutrition Workshop held for Std VI

A workshop on nutritious food and the benefits of drinking milk was conducted on 21st October 2016 for the students of std VI by Ms Simrin Sawhney who is a nutritionist with Sharp NGO. SHARP which is School Health Annual Report Programme is a non-govt. organization which scientifically plans health programmes for school children, professionally managed under the guidance of eminent medical experts, sociologists, educationist, psychologists, nutritional specialists and others who have vision of promoting healthcare of children. The students were told about the various benefits of eating healthy food through a presentation and through a Snake and Ladder Game which they enjoyed. At the end of the session the students were given Soya milk which they enjoyed drinking. Click to view pictures

Inter - House Quiz Competition

There was a inter-house quiz competition held  on 20th October 2016 for class III. We saw a very enthusiastic participation by all students of class III. The Red house emerged as winners. Click to view pictures

Impromptu Skit session - Std VIII - Anti Cracker

An impromptu skit session was organized on 19th October 2016 with Std VIII on the theme of 'Anti fire Crackers'. The students put up a great show and brought out the points like children working with harmful chemicals to make crackers and the health threats it may pose, noise pollution, air pollution, how the old are effected by these , the pedestrians getting hurt etc.  Click to view pictures

Solar cooker made by students of Std. V

The students of Class V made Solar cookers on 19th October 2016 with waste pizza / shoe boxes. They experimented with it and tried heating muffins and cakes. And they successfully managed to heat them up. Click to view pictures

Assembly theme of success by class IV A

An Assembly was organized by the students of class IV A with the theme as success. The students put up skits and songs based on the theme of success. The guest for the morning assembly was Mrs. Sheela Gujral - a cancer survivor. She addressed the students and told them about her journey and how one should never give up hope to succeed. Click to view picutres

Workshop on Green Planet - Std VI

Workshop for Std VI on Green Planet on 14th October 2016. The students expressed their views of 'Planet Earth Today' through drawings and slogans. We then discussed the small steps the students can take to save planet earth. We finally took the pledge to keep our planet green and make the present black and brown earth our past and make the planet greener and happier.

The best of the drawings/slogans will be sorted and handed over to sharp NGO and Schneider Electric India for their Green Planet project. Click to view pictures

The Second Session of the space club program

The second session of the space club was held on 7th October 2016. The tool kits and telescope were issued to the students. The students were taught the basic parts of the telescope, calculation of the positions of various stars and sky mapping. There were activities for the students to teach them these concepts. Click to view pictures

The first Session of the space club program

The first Session of the space club program was held on 5th October 2016. The students were given a brief of the entire program, activities and competitions. The various aspects of our solar system were explained to them. The characteristics and difference of Comets, Asteroids and meteors were explained to the students. The students were taught how to make comets and they also had an experience of making their own comets under supervision. The students were very excited to make and hold their own comets! Click to view picutres

Conserve My Planet Workshop on 5th October 2016

Conserve My Planet Workshop was conducted for Std. V today by Sharp NGO and Schneider Electric India. The students were taught how electricity could be saved at home and they went around the school premises checking the taps for water leakages and unwanted use of electricity in classrooms were also checked. A report on the same will be made by the students which will be submitted to Schneider Electric India. It was a good learning experience for the students and they did the activity with a lot of enthusiasm. Click to view pictures

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

A workshop was conducted by Std II students explaining to them about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. A activity was conducted where the students were taught to throw garbage in the dustbins. Paper was thrown in the classroom and students picked them up and put them in the dustbins . The importance of cleanliness and how they help stop the spread of diseases like Dengue, Malaria , Chikunguniya , typhoid etc was explained to them. They also took a pledge to not throw paper around and to check their friends who do so as a   first step from their side to clean India and Make Mother Earth happy.


September 2016

A story telling

An outdoor interactive story telling session was Conducted By Ms Shilpi Shivhare for the students of Prep II on 20th September 2016.

A story telling

A story telling session was organised for the students at C-3 today. The story teller Ms Ishita Tuteja engaged the students in various interactive stories. Click to view pictures

Conserve my planet 2016

Schneider Electric India and Sharp NGO conducted the Conserve my planet 2016 workshop for the students of Std V on 9th September 2016. Various presentations were shown to the students and there were activities organized for them. The responsibility of the students as Green ambassadors of the school and the society were explained to them. Click to view pictures

August 2016

IRAI Pusa Road - 26th August 2016


The students of Biology of Std. XII visited the IARI and ICAR . They saw the various devices used for  the  genetics engineering. The research scientists explained the techniques involved.  In ICAR, they saw the different stages  in the development of agriculture from ancient times to modern times.

Road to Leadership training program for student council of Std. V to VIII

Road to Leadership is a training programme that was organized for the student council members on 6th August 2016 to nurture and develop young leaders.

The main objectives of the programme were

·         To develop an understanding of the evolving concepts of leadership in today’s world

·         To nurture leadership qualities and skills like communication, cooperation, conflict-resolution and problem-solving

·         To integrate humility and service into leadership roles

·         To be inspired by other young and dynamic social and environmental leaders

·         To gain clarity on the role of leaders in schools as agents of change 

The workshop was a series of sessions which was interactive and included the following :

·         Individual and group exercises and activities

·         Games

·         Videos and short films

·         Interactions within peer group

·         Action-oriented learning

Story Telling Session at C-3 

The students of C-3 had a story telling session with Ms Winnie Chugh a story teller and counsellor . The students enjoyed the stories told by her. Click to view pictures  

Workshop on 4th August 2016 for Classes XI A and XII A by Ms Ekta Gandhi a Chartered Accountant

A workshop for the students of Std XII (commerce) was conducted by Ms Ekta Gandhi and Mr Vishal Gandhi on Chartered Accountancy as a career. Ms Ekta Gandhi is a Fellow Chartered Accountant with almost two decades of Experience. She spoke about the various levels and the subjects in a chartered accountancy course. Mr. Vishal Gandhi is a chartered Accountant with the treasury of Afghanistan. He spoke about the various courses like CPA , CFA , ICWA, CS which can be done along with the Chartered accountancy course and the scope of each of them. Click to view pictures

Workshop on 1th August 2016 for students of class XI C and XII C on Environmental / Policy and infrastructural Law

A workshop for Classes XI C and XII C was organised by Dr Shiju M.V who is a  Ph.D. in International Law from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi .He started his teaching career at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata and has taught subjects ranging from Constitutional Law to Labour Law and Competition Law.   He is presently working as Fellow and Faculty member at the Centre for Post-Graduate Legal Studies, TERI University and is engaged in the teaching of Environmental Law and Policy and Infrastructure Law. He spoke to our students about the hurdles that a student has to face while studying law as a specialization and how students can overcome them. He also spoke about various courses and exams a student needs to take up to get admission into the various Law Institutes in India . He also told the students about the life in TERI and the various graduate courses a student could take up to enroll into TERI. Click to view pictures

July 2016

Fun Book Reading at Sirifort Auditorium on 28th July 2016

Thirteen students from Std. VII attended the 'For Kids By Kids' Event organised by Scholastic India at Siri Fort Auditorium on 28th July 2016. Ms. Lalita Iyer the author of the Kids Book ' The Boy who swallowed the Nail' was present at the event and she interacted with all the students . Our students had an opportunity to have a one to one interaction with the author. The students were also entertained by India's famous quiz master Adittya Nath Mubayi. Click to view pictures

Storytelling and Author interaction - Class IV and V on 27th July 2016

A story telling session and author interaction was organised for the students of Std. IV and V by Mrs. Vaijayanti Savant Tonpe who has been a writer and editor of children's books and magazines for the last twenty eight years. The students enjoyed the various stories she told them from the Panchatantra and she also read out stories from the books written by her. The students also got a chance to interact with her and asked her many questions about her life and her passion for writing. Click to view pictures

Inter School Quiz Competition on 26th July 2016

Vinayak Gandhi of Std. IV B and Uday Khanna of Std. V B participated in the Inter School Quiz Competition held at Don Bosco School, Alaknanda on 26th July 2016.


May 2016

Trip to USA from 26th May 2016 to 6th June 2016
A trip to USA was organised for class VI to Std XII. The places visited were  Orlando, Washington D C and New York. The students also were engaged in education programs at KENNEDY Space Center. 

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brought space exploration to life. 
  •     Students  explored the Apollo/Saturn V Center, home of the massive 365 foot-long Saturn V rocket.
  •    Tour of NASA areas saw launch pads of different spacecrafts.
  •    Students also met an astronaut, Wendy.
  •     Watched larger-than-life 3D IMAX  films,
  •    Come face-to-face with Space Shuttle Atlantis
  •  Strap into the Shuttle Launch Experience and explore historic rockets.

They also enjoyed the Visit to DisneyLand and Universal Studio

Washington D C

·         Tour the grounds of Capitol Hill, where lawmakers and representatives of Congress meet.

·         Saw the Supreme Court

·         Pay tribute to the greatest leaders of the country at the Lincoln, Jefferson

New York

·         Ferry to see the Statue  Of Liberty

·         City Tour -Huge Immersive Buildings

The tour concluded with lot of shopping and memories to bring back home. Click to view pictures

The update on the trip

A 4 day adventure trip to Camp Tapusera near Dehradun was organised for Std IV to XII. Camp Taapu Sera (local name of an “Island”) is located within fields by a sparkling stream. It is a serene site nestled in beautiful Himalayan landscapes.The students were engaged in many adventure activities like

·  Trekking and Nature Walks

·  Interaction with the local Villagers, where the students had a chance to speak to them and see their lifestyle and means of living.

·  Rope Courses and Rappelling on natural rocks within campus.

·  Rock Climbing

·  River Crossing

·  Night Camping in jungle where the students had to pitch their own tents and spend the night there.

·  Trekking to the waterfall and river bathing

·  Maggie making competition in the Jungle. Students were divided into groups and they were given fixed quantities of Ingredients .Students had to collect the wood from the jungle and make their own fire and make the maggie.

·  Team games

·  Team building programs 

It was a great learning experience for the students. The students along with learning about the different adventure activities also learnt about survival skills and working in groups and teams and at the same time had fun. 

At the end of the camp the most enthusiastic students who participated in each and every activity with great zeal was awarded the 'Star of the Camp' Click to view pictures

Intra School Competition

The Intra-school Theater competition was held on 9th May 2016 for Std VI and VII.It was an inter house competition filled with fun and the students enjoyed every minute of scripting, directing and presenting their own plays. Click to view pictures

Anti Tobacco Campaign

The students of Std VIII& XI of Bloom public School participated in the Anti Tobacco campaign organised by Indian Cancer Society at DPS , Sushant lok on 3rd May 2016. The students performed a Skit and also participated in the debate. The campaign was in support of 'plain packaging for all tobacco products to reduce the use of them'. The campaign saw about 25 top schools from Delhi participate. Click to view pictures

Earth Day

The special assembly on 2nd May 2016 celebrating Earth Day was put up by the students of std VII . They put up a small skit showing the effects of pollution on Mother Earth. Click to view pictures

April 2016

Workshop on Best Practices for the teachers 30th April 2016

30th April 2016 - Workshop on Best Practices for the teachers conducted by Mr.Premchand Palety the founder, Chief Executive of C fore, a multidisciplinary research organization established in year 2000. He has vast experience in market research, opinion research, election surveys and performance appraisal studies of education institutes. For last fourteen years, he has been writing on education especially management education and his articles have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Mint, Outlook, Business Today, Business Standard, Business World and Hindustan Times.

Road Side Rendezvous 29th April 2016

Bloom Public School hosted the “Roadside Rendezvous” an annual event for street Play and MOB Flash Dance. Sanskriti School, DPS Sector 45- Gurgaon, Lotus Valley International School – Gurgaon, Tagore International School – Vasant Vihar , Tagore International school- East Of Kailash, Bal Bharti School, Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls , Indraprastha International School- Dwarka, Indraprastha World School – Paschim Vihar, Rayan International School participated in the event. The judges were

  •  Ms. Ravina Raj Kohli an International Media Veteran and she is considered to be one of the top 20 women professionals in India.
  • Mr. Kishalay Battacharjee a Director of Reachout Foundation and a Senior Journalist who has been with Broadcast television for 20 years .

The students from the schools participated and performed with great zeal and enthusiasm. The Judges declared every school a winner in various categories –“Every Child A Winner” Click to view pictures

Deck Of Cards

The students of Std VII attended the creative workshop held at British Council on 25th April 2016. It was an exhibition of paintings made by both Indian Artists as well as artists from UK.

In 1976, fifty four British Artists were sent a playing card by post by an art gallery in London to make an artwork inspired by the playing card. These paintings were exhibited and it was a huge success.

On the 40th anniversary of the first showing of Deck of Cards in London, the British Council has brought the original paintings to India and was exhibited today. India's leading artists were also asked to paint on the similar theme of playing cards which were also on display at the exhibition .

The students observed every painting and studied them and made a comparative analysis of the paintings and wrote down their own interpretation of the paintings .
They played various games with cards and also had a chance to paint ,drawing inspiration from the pack of cards.

The students enjoyed the workshop and it was a good learning for them. 
Click to view pictures

Live Telecast

Live Telecast of The Hon’ble Chief Minister,  Shri Arvind Kejriwal address on “Pollution free Delhi” to the school students on 13th April 2016. Click to view pictures

workshop on 'Law as a Career' 

A workshop on 'Law as a Career' was organised on 11th April 2016 for the students of Std XII. The speaker Mr Abhishek Sinha is a National law school (Bangalore) graduate and a full time legal law faculty. The students learnt about the various kinds of law courses and the subjects required to pursue the same. Click to view pictures

Academics and Co-Curricular Award Ceremony held on 9th April 2016

Parents are requested to contact the school between 9:00am to 10:00 am on 23rd April 2016 in the event they require the soft copy of their ward's pictures. Glimpse

Career Counseling Workshop

A Career Counseling workshop which focused on Stream Selection was organised for the students of Std X and XI on 6th April 2016 by the school in association with HT Studymate. The workshop concentrated on scope of various streams and the fields the students can venture into with various combinations of subjects. Click to view pictures

February 2016


  •  Mrs Vandana Tandon is a trainer associated with the Times NIE. She has conducted over six thousand workshops in the field of Public Speaking, Stress management, Time Management, Self Esteem enhancement, Memory retention, Communication skills etc. Her seven year experience as a teacher made her connect with the students easily.
  • A workshop of Improving concentration was conducted by Mrs Vandana Tandon on 23rd Feb for classes IV, V and VII. It was a interactive workshop where the students played various.Through theses activities she explained to the students the following factors which help improve concentration :
  1. The benefits of eating the right diet and avoiding junk food. She also explained the importance of eating frequent small meals.
  2. Regular exercise in any form of games or yoga
  3. Adequate hours of sleep and maintaining a fixed time of sleep
  4. To maintain adequate stationary and avoid fancy stationary
  5. To wear comfortable clothes and foot wear
  6. To have adequate water and healthy fluids

Click to view class IV & V

Click to view class VII

  • A workshop on Communication skills was conducted by her on 24th Feb 2016 for Std VI. Here she gave situations to students and with the help of a role play she explained various factors that influence the communication skills like :
  1. body language - she enacted various situations with different body languages.
  2. Tone modulation 
  3. Choice of words
  4. Avoiding abusive words
  5. Using polite language
  • A workshop on Building Confidence and Self Esteem was conducted by Mrs Vandana Tandon on 24th Feb 2016 for Std VIII. Here she spoke to the students about how you should appreciate yourselves and how every person is born unique and beautiful.Here she had a activity for the students where she made them write a " feel good Paper " about themselves.

  • A debate workshop by Ms Jayshree Mehta was organised for the students of Std V and VI on 12th February 2016.
  • Magic Show

          A magic Show was organized for the students of class III and IV on 11th Feb. 2016. The students enjoyed the show and even interacted with the magician. Click here

  • HT Aptitude Test on 10th Feb. 2016
  • Workshop for Anti - tobacco by Sharp NGO – Upasana

              An Anti Tobacco workshop was conducted by Sharp NGO for Std IX explaining the dangers of the use of Tobacco and the right of every citizen to stop anyone from using Tobacco in any form.  Click here

  • Workshop on Income Tax:

             A workshop on Income Tax was conducted by Addl.Commissioner of Income Tax Ms Susan D George for Std X, explaining the purpose of collecting Income Tax and the various areas this tax collected is used.

  • Magic Show

             A magic show was organised for Prep II , Std I & II in the school premises. Click here

January 2016

  • Story Telling Vinita Krishna

               A story telling session was organized for the students of class IV and V .  Vinita Krishna a writer of books for children entertained the students with various stories. Click here

  • Story Telling Sanjay Mattu

               Sanjay Mattu a professor at Kamala Nehru College entertained the students of Prep I & II ,Std I & Std II with his stories. Click here

December 2015

Flash Mob At DLF Place Saket  and  Grand Finale at Australian High Commission:

As part of the program by the NGO CEQUIN in association with the Australian High Commission on creating awareness on Gender Equality, the students participated in a Flash Mob Organised at DLF Place Saket.

The students of Bloom Public School were also a part of the Grand Finale Held on 10th December 2015 at the Australian High Comission. The students Put up and Art installation there called ‘The Burden of the Wings’,which depicted hypocritical nature of the Indian society. 
On the one hand, our society worships the female, while on the other, it considers them to be objects to be used to reproduce  a male child.

A Contemporary dance was also put up by the students at the Australian high Commission showing how the family is happy about the birth of a girl and boy but the society objects the birth of the girl.Against all odds she grows up and later proves to the society that she is as good or even better than her brother. Click here

November 2015

Fund Raising and Annual Day Celebration

The school had its Annual day Celebrations on 5th and 6th Nov 2015. The students participated with all the enthusiasm. They also set up stalls with various creative works of theirs for raising funds for the cause of Stray Animals.  The money collected by them are being used for sterilization and other medical requirements of the stray dogs around the school. Click here

Annual Day  Click to view pictures

October 2015

  • Bloom Public School was one among the six schools which were selected to perform at the Grand Finale of the I Bachpan theater festival for Children which was held at Kamani Auditorium on 14th October 2015. There were more than 50 Schools through out Delhi NCR which participated in the Zonal levels of this festival. Click here
  • As part of the Delhi International art festival, there was a performance by International artists " Flame of The Forest " group from Singapore at Bloom Public School. The students enjoyed the performance and even had a chance to interact with the group. Click here
  • As part of the ' Conserve My Planet ' project being organised by Schneider Electric India and Sharp NGO , the students of Std VI Visited a Petrol Pump in Vasant Kunj where in they spoke to the customers who come there about their monthly requirement of fuel and the various measures of how fuel can be saved. Click here
  • In association with the Australian High Commission, an NGO CEQUIN is undertaking a social media campaign, to be created and led by a select group of students from 10 Delhi schools. Bloom Public School is also associated with this cause. The central message of the campaign is to spread awareness on the need to address violence against women, and the role of sensitized men and boys in the process. There are various activities conducted in school and workshops for students organised to create this awareness. Click here

May 2015

Updates from Bloom Click here

School Tour to Peach Valley Click here

Inter School Competition - Rhythym Click here

Intra School Competition on 13th May Click here

Students of Bloom Public School emerged winners at National Level Science Exhibition 2014-2015

April 2015

Sports Evening on 10th April 2015  Click here to view

Updates from Bloom Click here

February 2015

Report by India Education Bureau, Delhi 23rd Feb 2015.

British Council Aptis Interschool Challenge Champions 2015, Vidhika Gadia was the first runner-up and A. Click here

November 2014

"Russian students visited Bloom Public School as a part of an AFS Intercultural Exchange programme".

Glimpses of friendship ties

CBSE Expression Series on "Bal Swachhata Mission"

14th November : Clean Schools/Surroundings/Play areas.  Click to view pictures

15th November : Clean Food. Click to view pictures

17th November : Clean Self. Click to view pictures

18th November : Clean Drinking Water. Click to view pictures

October 2014:

18th October : Fund Raising Event for Animals held on 18th Ocober.  Click to view picture  Album 1 Album 2

30th October : Mock fire evacuation drill held on Thursday 30th Oct. 2014.  Click to view pictures

31st October : Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - National Unity Day

Bloom Public School celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on 31"  October, 2014 as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day). The school was nominated by CBSE as the centre for coordination of activities for schools.

The special invitee for the day was IG BSF Mr Anil Kumar who addressed the students on the contributions made by Sardar Vallabhai Patel for the unity of the country. The students took the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge both in English and Hindi .

Valour stories were also narrated by the students.The programme concluded with all the schools participating in The March for Oneness walk .They carried banners and posters to support the cause.  Click to view pictures

September 2014:

10th September : Sensitization towards racism" : workshop was organised in the school by Manzil Foundation.Click to view pictures.

12th September : International visitors at Bloom. Click to view pictures.

28th September to 6th October : Teachers exchange program with schools in England.

August 2014:

A quiz was organised by the Social Science department. It was an inter house competition and  was conducted by students of XI C and Ms. Sapna Bhalla on Friday,1st August 2014.

Inter-house Volley Ball Tournament (Category : Boys). Click to view results.

4th August : The GK Quiz was held on 4TH   August 2014 for the students of  Middle School. There were five teams- Crux, Lyra, Taurus, Pegasus and Perseus.There were 4 rounds- social science, science, sports and rapid fire. It was conducted  under the able guidance of our co-ordinator, Ms Vandana and counsellor, Ms Namita. The winner team was : Crux. Click to view pictures.

5th August - Students participated in" Inter School Music Competition" at  Delhi Police Public School .

5th August  - Students participated in Dance Competition at Indian school .

6th August - students of classes XI and XII visited the Parliament Museum and The Ongoing Parliament Session .

7th August - Career Counseling session was held by Max Mueller Bhavan to Study Abroad ( options to study in Germany ..) for students of classes  XI

7th -8th August : FA Actitivity display by students of Std. X : The board was put up as an affirmation to the depleting Fauna of India. The  aware generation put up a display of rare , endangered and vulnerable species of India. Click to see pictures

8th August - Career Counseling session was held by Ms. Bhavna Kohli (Advocate: Corporate Law & Arbitration) for students of classes  XI & XII

8th August  : Inter-house Volley ball Tournament(Category : girls) for Std. IX -X took place on Friday, 8th August,2014. Click To view results.

8th August  : Inter House Junior Boys Basket Ball Tournament  took place on 8th August , 2014. Click to see the winners 

8th August  : Inter-house Volley ball Tournament(Category : girls) for Std. IX -X took place on Friday, 8th August,2014. Click To view results.

The week from 7th Aug- 13th Aug was celebrated as the Sanskrit week in the school. Hearty efforts were made by the Sanskrit students and the faculty to familiarize and popularize Sanskrit language amongst the students as India’s most ancient language. Various events, activities, and competitions like handwriting competition, Shloka recitation competitions etc were held during the week. On 8th Aug, a special assembly was conducted by the Sanskrit students. The assembly commenced with a Sanskrit prayer followed by a thought in Sanskrit. A quiz, testing the knowledge of the language in students was conducted. The assembly was concluded with a skit based on the theme “Save Our Birds” by class 6th which was appreciated by one and all. The week was a joint student-teacher initiative and every student displayed full enthusiasm in promoting the language and making the Sanskrit week, a successful endeavor. Click to see pictures.

15th August : Gaiety and patriotic fervour marked 68th Independence Day celebration in school. Especial assembly included an inspiring speech by a student of class X A ,followed by a medley of patriotic songs which enlightened the spirit of the students. The programme was concluded by announcing the names of the winners in various categories which further elevated the spirit of patriotism among the students. Click to see pictures.

19th August  : Inter-house Football ball Tournament(Category : Boys) for Std. VI -VIII . Click To view results

22nd August : Bloom Fest - Primary  : Enact a Play (Interschool competition) Theme: Friendship from across the globe   Program : Enact a play .Twelve schools participated in the event.
Click to see pictures

25th August :  Bloom Fest : Middle School - There were three events- Ad mad show, Mind Your Language-German   and French.There were 20 schools participating event.Click to see pictures

26th August :Bloom Fest : Senior School “Cine Entertainment” organized by the Bloom Public School on 26th August, 2014, proved to be a successful event.  Ten Schools participated in the Film making competition.Click to see pictures

27th August : Bloom participated in the inter-school Maths and Science world competition held at Army Public School and won awards in  Robot Zest, Invention and Abra Ka Dabra events. Click to see pictures

28th August : Leadership workshop was organized by Swecha for student council.

29th August : Bloom participated in India heritage  quiz, organized by intach At  iic. Click to see pictures

July 2014 :

Internet Security Workshop from Jaago Teens was held on 4th July for std VII -X .It was found to be very useful as it gave insight into the cyber security issues which are current and relevant for a student visiting virtual world.

 Investiture Ceremony (11th July 2014)

Georgetown MUN ( 14th -16th  July 2014): Delegates of Chile & Iceland involved in making resolutions at Model United Nations, Georgetown University. Bringing creativity to life!!!

Three students of our school participated in the CONVERGENCE 2014 held  at The Air Force School which had competitions like :  Debate , Extempore  and Creative writing on 23rd July,2014.

TERI initiated PROJECT SEARCH workshop at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar on 23rd July  which was attended by 10 students of our school. 

Ten students from our school participated in the N.D.T.V .Campaign - "Kids For Tigers" at Army Public School .. Dhaula Kuan on 24th July,2014

24th July - Career Counseling  classes XI and XII   for  Medical Stream .. By Dr. Sonia Rawat .

Students of Std. V attended the  14th Annual Exhibition Of Windows at The Art And Craft Sanskriti Kendra , Anand Gram On 30th July , 2014. Click to view pics.

Two teachers of our school attended Conserve My Planet  - Capacity Building Workshop for teachers  by  Schneider Electric  & Sharp (N.G.O )  on 30th July, 2014.